Sunday, 10 January 2010

Adverts on the TV...what exactly are they trying to tell us ?

It's strange, but after spending a lot more time than usual in front of the my television during the Christmas break, I have found myself becoming more and more confused about several commercials that have appeared recently.For instance..........

Calgon water softner. The lady tells the other woman (who is buying a "cheap" brand at the counter!) that the "inferior" brand will cost her hundreds because after paying for "A new washer,the cost of water damage and the repair bill"....hang on....a new washer and a repair bill ?.How many people pay to get a washer fixed and then buy a new one? And apart from that, don't most folk have insurance to cover the cost of the damage repairs?   Funny how they don't mention the accumulated costs involved in buying their product over several years isn't it? Myself, i have never used a "special" water addative, and my washers last on average 10 years......and i have possibly saved hundreds in not buying additives....nice  :-)

Evian Water. What exactly are we being told by the term "Live Young"? Surely you can only live at the age you are at, and you certainly don't have to shell out a quid a bottle for water in order to do it !
The thought that so many people will also be driven to buy this over prices liquid by the clever use of a few CGI babies astounds me, so please, before you do rush out and pay approx 1000 times the price for a litre of bottled H2o as apposed to tap water, consider this satement from the Blog named "Spouting off".
"For those that are moved to purchase Evian at the exorbitant economic and environmental cost, just remember what Evian spells in reverse." ......NAIVE!

Ford Kinetic Design. Asked to define Ford kinetic Design, Martin Smith is unequivocal in his reply, “the form language is communicated through bold, dynamic lines and full surfaces. When you look at kinetic Design, you can see that it visualises energy in motion.” It’s this ‘energy in motion’ that expresses the design language. That’s why with just a glimpse, the cars look like they’re moving even when they’re standing still.
...............................What? Come on, just admit that it's yet another "jelly mould" mass produced car that looks like any other modern car on the road......but hey,why don't ford attatch some of those lines to the back of their motors, you know, the ones that cartoonists draw in to suggest speed :-) Whooooshhh......:-)

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