Sunday, 3 January 2010

New year,now it's time to find some sponsors for THE 2010 project !


Ok, it's a few days into 2010, the booze is almost gone and "Normal" life is starting to kick in again. Now it is time for me to start the familiar task of seeking out potential sponsors for the project for this year, the transformation (again!) of Scarlett into a mobile PR platform for the Leukaemia Research Foundation when it celerates it's half century annivesary this year.

The gang at the West Nottinghamshire College (which has over 25,000 students!) are currently  working away at several designs for the car/trailer combo, and in a few weeks (Feb/March) we will be having a look to see what they have come up with and picking a winning design which will then be produced in vinyl and applied to the car and trailer hopefully by the end of March.

Of course this will be the third set of "clothes" that Scarlett has worn, the first was for the "Roc Around the Clock" challenge in 2007 and the second was for the "Scirocco 2 Morocco" adventure in 2008.In 2009 she kept her S2M livery whilst I concenrated on my project for 2009 which was to establish 2 Anthony Nolan Recruitment clinics in Nottinghamshire.2010 then is going to be the year that Scarlett gets to wear a new set of clobber !.

I am now beggining the process of contacting various companies who I feel may be able to assist in Scalett's transformation,although I know from previous experience that this is a job that can cause a lot of stress,dissapointment and frustration, although on the other hand it can be a most fulfilling experience when you manage to get good positive feedback from companies and the occasional offer of help.....this is the part that makes it all worthwhile !.

So....If you are a company who gets an email or letter from me over the next few weeks/months, and you have taken the time to have a look at this blog page,may i just say thanks for taking the time to have a look, and please,please consider giving us a hand for 2010 and being involved in this project, a project to celerate the work of the LRF over the last 50 years, but also to celebrate the vision of the Eastwood family who, in 1960a fter suffering the loss of their daughter Susan, decided to establish this charity in her honour,and provide others who suffer from blood cancer a beacon of hope and support in times of fear and uncertainty.

Give a little help to us here with this project and believe me, you will get an awful lot of satisfaction out of it :-)


Glen said...

Hi Andy.

Once the car is up and running, what about asking the organisers of the VW cup if you can do a parade lap before one of the races? They are doing Rockingham in July.

Andy said...

I like that suggestion very much mate...i will make a few enquiries :-).Cheers.Andy