Monday, 18 January 2010

"I wanted to save my baby's cord blood,but the hospital don't offer the service"

When Natalie Salama-Levy gives birth to her second child at the end of next month she wanted to be able to donate its cord blood.

Sadly,even now there is still a great shortage of hospitals offering new mums the chance to save the cord blood held within their new childs umbilical cord. Many women such as Natalie are being told that the service is not available at the hospitals that they have their children delivered at even though the possible uses for this amazing substance are being realised more and more as scientists discover the secrets of stem cell material.

So, Unfortunately despite the fact that she is prepared to donate to help others she can not due to a nationwide lack o hospitals offering a cord blodd harvesting service."I am having the baby at the Royal Free, London, which is a very large hospital. My consultant there was very supportive, but unfortunately they are not one of the hospitals that donate cord blood which is a real shame," said 37-year-old Natalie.

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