Tuesday, 5 January 2010

PCSO lied about daughter having Leukaemia and conned money from colleagues

I read a story in a paper today about a PCSO (Police Community Support Officer) somewhere in the UK (Can't rememebr the exact details) who conned colleagues out of a substantial amount of money by claiming that her daughter had Leukaemia. She later told people that her daughter had died of the disease, but was caught out when someone spotted the "desceased" child very much alive.

What can you say about these sort of individuals ? No......don't tempt me.

Of course there is a twist at the end of this tale, and that is the fact that she will not be presecuted because they cannot ascertain the exact amount of money that this woman conned out of the kind hearted mates at her Police station and her neighbours. If only she knew what suffering and pain the parents of kids who really do have this disease are going through on a daily basis, perhaps then she might grasp the feeling of outrage that people feel at her sick con.

Lets just hope that she is no longer a PCSO, and if by any mad chance she still is, lets hope that they have sent her to Coventry (It's an English term for not speaking to a disgraced individual!)

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