Friday, 29 January 2010

Got a Scirocco? Then make sure you make a date for the UK National Meet in July 2010!

Yes folks, this year the Scirocco Register meet will be held in the (hopefully!) warmer month of July and the venue will once again be the air museum at RAF Cosford.

Anyone is welcome and the normal arrangements are that camping/hotels (for the softies!) will be available on the Friday and Saturday nights for those who fancy the chance to relax and unwind with others who will probably chew your ear off with constant banter about a certain type of car!. Seriously though, the last 2 events have been great, and if,like me,you have a family, then they to are more than welcome to attend.

It's not all about cars though, and once you have paid your £3.00 for parking you can go around the museum and have a good look at their amazing collection of exhibits for free !.

If you are a James May (Top Gear) fan you will probably already know that the life size plasic model Spitfire he made on on of his shows also lives at RAF to be worth a look at that !

There is also food available on site and a gift shop should you fancy splashing a few quid out on some gift.

The date has been set as the 24th July 2010 and you can see more details by clicking on this link HERE.

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