Sunday, 31 January 2010

Chris Todd,Torquay United and Newport County footballer.......and Leukaemia Survivor.

Standard practice for a pre-match interview is to pick a subject who is sure to play. The best-case scenario for Chris Todd is that he will be among the substitutes when Torquay United face Coventry City in the FA Cup fourth round tomorrow — but that is exactly the point. Todd might be on the bench, ten weeks after having cancer diagnosed.

"A groin operation in Leicester last October had gone well and Todd’s injury was repaired. Just one small thing — a nurse noticed that he bled heavily when a needle was removed from his arm. Probably worth having a blood test to check everything was as it should be.

Oh, come on. A tough lower-league centre half such as Todd? Readiness to shed blood is part of the job description. “I’m OK, feeling fine, why should I?” he reasoned. But the nurse’s comment nagged away. A few days later, not quite sure why he was bothering, he went along to have that blood test. That was a Monday morning in mid-November. He got the results that evening. Swift service.

They told him he had chronic myeloid leukaemia. Bang: Chris Todd, 27, your life has changed for ever. And so began the quest to return to a healthy existence that he did not realise he had lost, so secretly was his body conspiring against him."

(Source:The Times Online)

This is a great story with a happy ending. Chris Todd was a young guy with a promising football career ahead of him, then in November 2008 he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. In this video Chris explains what happened next.......

For a lot of people who are diagnosed with this illness the thought of what will happen to them is a worrying thought, but for Chris,who's career relies upon his physical fitness, the issues about his health could mean much more than to many.....

To read more about Chris's story,click HERE to go to the Times Online Website.

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