Thursday, 7 January 2010

Nexus or iPhone ? Why bother with either of these white elephants is my answer !

Flicking through the pages of the daily newspaper the other day I came across an article which compared the new Google Nexus mobile with the current "King of the hill", the iPhone.
After reading the comparison I came to this conclusion.Neither are worth the £300+ price tag, and if you buy one of them it is purely for showing off to your mates and proves that you are indeed an individual that has "More money than sense" as my gran used to say!.
I have a cheap and cheerful Sony W395 slide phone,it has a camera,MP3,video player etc...but only cost me £49.I have dropped it more times than i can remember,sat on it,dropped it in the sink and even one time put it in the oven by mistake (don't's a long story!).The point is, it still works fine, and when it eventually does give up the ghost I can replace it for under £50 quid.
If I had an iPhone I would not honestly feel confident that it would have survived all of the mishaps i just mentioned, and if it did, i would not feel at all safe walking around with it stuck to my ear in public in case some guttersnipe decided to have it from me.
As an engineer by trade i have witnessed many failures of technology within the aviation and medical industries, and have come to the conclusion that the more of our lives we give over and trust into technology, the greater the chaos when our gadgets fail.We are fitting more and more of our daily lives into smaller and more advanced personal devices, but ask yourself these questions "If my Iphone/Nexus fails/breaks/gets much will it impact upon my life? How much do I rely on this device, and can I live without it?"

I will stick to my humble Sony for now, and try not to put to much of me into a gadget and try to not put the gadget in the oven...again !

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andy said...

As someone who is seduced by the technology, and considering buying one - I have to AGREE with you!!!

They do a lot of stuff, but worth £440 (the cheapest the 3GS iphone costs anywhere)? NO!

I kid myself that the route-planner and mp3 capabilities make them worth the money - but they're not!

Still might buy one tho'...