Saturday, 30 January 2010

Alex Reid.If you get to read this...dump the frump and get your own life mate !

Of course the chances that Alex will ever get to read this blog are slim, but I feel it is my duty to give him the heads up on how things are:

A) You have just won Celebrity Big Brother,congratulations mate.
B) You have managed to convince the public that you a nice guy
C) When JORDAN/Katie Price was beaten into submission in the jungle not so long ago by virtue of being nominated for several "Bush tucker trials", she,if I remember correctly,told the audience that you and her had seperated and that she didn't want you.......such a loyal partner !.
D) You DO NOT NEED the grumpy frump now mate, you have proved that you are your own man, and being away from GF you have had a chance to let people see the REAL YOU.Do not go back to her or she will overshadow your carrer and belittle everything you dream of.......she is BAD NEWS.

Katie Price...KP...she is sooooooo NUTS !

P.S Give up the fighting,it is not something you will ever need to do again.....although the fight with the snowman was a classic :-)

As I say,Alex will never read this, but I just wanted to put over my take on the way things are.....hopefully i will not get the chance to say "I told you so"!......:-)


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