Saturday, 16 January 2010

Ok.Watch out for my sales on Ebay to raise money for the 2010 to be had :-)

After considering the problems that i am having in recruiting sponsors to help with the transformation of the Scirocco to her new "Leukaemia Research big five-o" scheme, i have decided to try and fund some of the costs (mainly the need to purchase 8 alloy wheels!) by selling some of my stuff on Ebay.

I have got quite a lot of things that I could sell, but finding them is going to be fun as I am not what you would call an "organised person"!.

What sort of items will be on offer ? Well small cheap  items such as stickers right through to my limited edition picture of the Sharks Aerobatic team (I was told that only 7 ever got issued!).This picture was one of a small number commisioned to mark the disbanding of the Team in 1992 after defence cuts were announced.To read more about the Royal Navy Sharks Display team history,click HERE to see the Wikipedia entry on the net.

I will be listing items soon,hopefully over this weekend, and I will then post up a link to Ebay for anyone who may fancy purchasing something and as a result, help me to get the 2010 project to the next base.

Update: The picture has now been listed on Ebay.

To see the listing please click HERE to go to the Ebay Site.Thanks :-)

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