Sunday, 12 September 2010

Experian 30th Robin Hood Marathon 2010 Nottingham


Yet again it was an early start for myself and "mini me" as we set off towards Nottingham's 30th Robin Hood Marathon.

According to Yoda (The satnav!) having set off at 06:54, we would be at the venue by 08:03 or thereabouts at a leisurely 45-50 mph.

We arrived at the Victoria Embankment at about 07:45 ( :-) ) and after figuring out A) how to get into the Marathon Village and B) once in, how to find the small yellow tent of the Leukaemia and Lymphoma Banana Army, we parked up alongside it and then decided to go for a stroll around the site to do a little exploring :-)

After we had taken a look at the bandstand, the water fountains and the very grand gateway to the park (read note below) Mini me had I decided it was time for a little breakfast so we had a look around and found a stall selling "Foot Long Lincolnshire Hotdogs".

Even though the hotdog was almost as long as Mini me was tall he gave it a whirl and managed almost half before dejectedly passing in it on to me to finish, and very nice it was too!.

Anyway, enough blabbing, instead here are a few pictures that we took of our day.See if you can spot any well know faces amongst them :-)

* Note :

Strangely, as I looked at the inscription above the gates to the Park which read" Vivit Post Funera Virtus" I realised that I had seen these words before...but couldn't quite work out where!.....Then I remembered.

It is the inscription that is carved into my RAF mate Rick's headstone. Apparently the translation is " Virtue Survives Death".

I like that motto :-)



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