Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research & Alternative Hair Trip to Disneyland Paris 2010


Well, what can I say? What an amazing and wonderful trip this was and to be honest I don't quite know at what point to begin my report!.So perhaps it would be a good idea to do as Maria says in the sound of music and " Let's start at the very beginning.A very good place to start"!.

The Journey Down to London.

"I've never seen a clock at 5am dad" my daughter told me as we all emerged from our respective beds and converged on the landing. "Well" I told her, "by the time that clock reaches 6:30 we had better be getting on a train to London..or else we are going to miss the trip of a lifetime!"

To cut a long story short we made it to the Railway station in Sleaford with a good quarter of an hour to spare, mostly thanks to my mate John and his wife taking both of their cars down to drop us off at 6:15, plenty early for our first pick up point.

After boarding the train and then changing at Grantham (we just managed to grab a quick coffee and bacon buttie each!) we set off again for our next destination, London Kings Cross.

The trip down was quite uneventful, mostly due I should imagine to the fact that we,by this point, we had used up the rush of adrenalin which had now been replaced by a trickle of tiredness and a longing to sleep!.

At approx 8:33 we arrived at London King's Cross station and,after ensuring we had our luggage, made our way along the signposted route to St Pancras International Rail Terminal at which place we were to join the rest of the gang who had travelled from several points of the UK to share in this adventure.

Customs and exercise!

To be continued...... :-)

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