Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Student owns 30 supercars at age 21....so what's so wrong with that?


Well, contrary to what the bum licking BBC Top Gear Magazine would have you believe,quite a lot really :-)

(Top Gear Article can be read HERE)


Well, isn't it a real shame when some young lad who has more money than he knows what to do with (except spoil himself!) decides to then brag about this situation in the public domain.
Ok, i know that there will always be rich and poor people in this world, but I can't for the life of me (probably because I am always skint!) understand how the feeling of driving a fast car..well...fast, is somehow a better feeling that seeing the beaming face of someone who's life you have just changed forever due to a donation of some sort to make their lot easier to bear.

Of course, Top Gear have warned people to not be nasty to Mr moneybags, but hey, perhaps if a few more people stopped sucking up to individuals like this just because they are very,very lucky and rich, and started to ask the question " Alright, so you have cash...what else do you intend to do during your short stay on this planet that is truly WORTHY of adoration and my respect?", then just maybe the super rich would become superstars by doing the right thing for all of the poor and needy of this world who die because they have no water to drink or,as is the case in Pakistan, too much water due to the awful floods and the ever growing threat of death through disease and malnutrition.

And BBC.Please stop trying to label all those who don't feel the urge to grovel to these people as Jealous or soulless........perhaps its just that that have more moral fibre than money...and i know which of those I respect :-)

Oh yeah, just one more quick question. How come when the rich and famous blow huge wads of cash on frivolous things such as diamond encrusted mobile phones, huge yachts, extravagant parties and the likes they don't mind telling the world about it via the international media, however when you dare to ask the question "So what do they do in the way of charity?" they almost always give the same stock answer, "Mr/Mrs X don't like to discuss publicly the charities that they are involved with"..................erm, why ?

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