Tuesday, 28 September 2010

What do you know about Childhood Leukaemia,the KiKK Study and Nuclear Power Stations?


We may all have heard about possible causes of childhood Leukaemia, most of us are aware of the worries about nuclear power stations, but have you ever heard of the KiKK study that was carried out in Germany in 2008?

It's findings are rather disturbing to say the least. 160% increase in childhood cancers and 220% increase in Childhood Leukaemia's are found in children living within 5km of Nuclear Power Stations.......so how come that we,here in the UK have heard so little about this study, and more worryingly, should we be concerned about it's findings in relation to our own Nuclear Industry?

To read more follow these links.

Parliamentary memorandum by Ian McFarlie January 2010

The IET magazine article April 2010.

Remember,this is a study sanctioned and verified by the German Government, and recognised as being a very thorough in it's data collection.


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