Friday, 24 September 2010

Brutal assault and leukaemia may have led to Mark'ssuicide


This is such a sad story that I found today about a guy who took his own life recently. Mark was obviously a very troubled man, and the news that he had Leukaemia must have been profoundly devastating news for him.

Having gone through a terrible time of anxiety, fear and worry myself when I was diagnosed 4 years ago I can say that I have perhaps a tiny insight into the world of Mark Price, and with that knowledge I feel very very sad that this poor chap resorted to suicide as his only option.

Leukaemia is not just an illness of the body, it can have a devastating impact upon the individuals mental well-being too. Sadly, in my experience, help in dealing with that part of the jigsaw is not always easy to find.

To read the Story about Mark's tragic death click HERE.


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