Friday, 10 September 2010

Sleaford Petrol Prices in Question again!


There has been an ongoing debate in the local press for many years now about the fuel prices that are charged to people living in Sleaford and how these prices appear to be a lot higher than those that can be found in villages less than 4 miles from the town.

This week there was a letter in the Target newspaper calling for a boycott of the petrol stations within Sleaford which (it was hoped!) would force the local stations to lower their prices.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the claims that fuel prices are indeed higher in Sleaford than in the surrounding villages/towns, I have decided to incorporate a fuel station price finder map into the sidebar of my blog.
All I need now then is for you (my readers!) to use the map,locate your local area (just type your postcode in the top lefthand box) and ensure that the prices quoted are correct. If the prices are wrong or have not been updated recently you can edit these yourself very easily.

As a commuter myself who drives almost 90 miles per day between Sleaford and Mansfield I can indeed confirm that the price differential at Tesco's stations is 5 pence per litre....that,as they say, is a FACT!

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