Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Open invitation to all the journalists who covered the Antonio Valencia's broken ankle story...


It was not oxygen that was administered to him on the pitch the other day as he writhed in agony with a suspected broken ankle,.It was actually an anaesthetic gas called ENTONOX (or O2N2O to give it it's proper title!).Giving him Oxygen would have been as much use as feeding him gummy bears for treating the pain that the poor fella was obviously in.

It always makes me grin when newspaper journalists can't be arsed to check up on the finer details when rushing to get a "Hot" story to press.

So fella's, just to clarify (again!) for your information it was NOT Oxygen, it was ENTONOX and the model shown in the photograph is made by a company called Oxylitre......maybe that's why you got a little confused eh?

Anyway,If you ever need a medical device specialist to ensure your reporting details are up to scratch.........give me a call :-)
*Note: Laughing gas,as it is also widely known as, is not always going to make you laugh, as this rather stupid 21 year old has recently found out!
"A woman who stole a canister of laughing gas from an ambulance has been jailed for 8 months.

Gemma Bruton went to Stirling Royal Infirmary after being assaulted on August 17th and was being treated for her injuries in an ambulance outside the hospital when she stole and ran off with a cylinder of gas.
Bruton, of Sinclair Drive, Fallin, Stirlingshire, admitted stealing the laughing gas, or Entonox, and its attachments when ambulance staff turned their backs and running off with it."
To read the full (hilarious?) story,click HERE. lol :-)


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