Thursday, 23 September 2010

Should the BBC Sack Chris Moyles ? Why Not ?


*Rant Alert*

I mean come on, if anyone I know had gone onto a national radio show and slagged off their employers in the way that this gobshite did they would be looking for a new job!.

Add this to the fact that Mr Moyles is hardly hard up with a claimed wage of over £500'000 a year and any sympathy that his listeners may have had for him, even the ones over the age of 10, is going to dry up pretty quick.

Get a life Chris, stop moaning and gobbing off you ungrateful little guttersnipe and remember that there are plenty of people who would dearly love to be on a fraction of what you are earning!.

By the way.As a BBC licence payer I expect that this clown will be given the boot (as he would in any other job!), but being the Beeb I guess they will will do the standard thing in this situation and bottle out about letting this overpaid oink go. Stop being suck cowards and put your bl**dy foot down you bunch of soft tw@ !.....and Moyles...put the fag out you ignorant git!...the sign says "No smoking" plank!

Aherm....ok, rant over :-).

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Playhouse Man said...

If he has an issue with accounts take it up withn them. He is employed to entertain, so entertain. Its unprofessional and he deserves to be sacked.

Gross misconduct I say.