Sunday, 26 September 2010

Alonso wins Singapore Grand Prix......But apart from advertising what is the point of it ?


Sorry, but even though I love to watch F1 on the telly I still feel a huge sense of guilt that in a world blighted by starvation,draught and illness on a huge scale, F1 teams are still spending grotesque amounts of cash on what, after all,are really nothing more than high speed billboards!

Some may argue that the average motorist has benefited from the technology of the sport, devices such as ABS are highlighted as being only fitted onto "normal" cars due to the system being used in the sport (although aircraft used a type of ABS decades before F1!), but £2.9 Billion was reportedly spent by the 11 teams in 2009...............£2.9 Billion!....that's an awful lot of cash to spend on a full sized Scalextric set!

Of course the figures will be debated and denied, but lets just say that there are a lot of issues in our world that could be addressed with some of that money being spent on humanitarian work/investment by the companies involved.

I would give banks/drinks manufacturer or telecommunication company's more respect if they gave £150 million to help the starving in Africa instead of paying that horrific amount simply to get their name painted on the side of some over sized slot car.

P.S Sorry Darren.....just my opinion disrespect intended cuz (He builds Renault F1 cars!....flash git) :-)

P.P.S. A quick word to potential F1 sponsors about AVE (Advertising Value Equivalency).

If you are all thinking that you will get fantastic results from possible advertising with the F1 show, perhaps you would like to take a read of THIS and then maybe reconsider your choice.....
By the way, you would get a lot more bang from your buck by investing a few quid with a bloke who drives a unique 1987 Scirocco dressed in LLR colours.Apparently he is always on the lookout for sponsors, and he is MUCH more cost effective :-)


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