Thursday, 30 September 2010

NHS Finance Boss on £130'000 claims £18'000 removals costs!


In a time when we are all being asked to tighten out belts and save the NHS money this fella who works in the finance department (you couldn't make it up could you?) has claimed £18 grand to pay for a move of 45 miles.

Now as you are probably aware, I work for the NHS and commute 42.5 miles per day to work and back (85 miles return) at my own expense and I have done so for the last 14 years.

All I can say on this matter (whilst still keeping it clean!) is that this guy is obviously a lightweight when it comes to making an effort. I enjoy my job and I find stories like this a bl**dy insult to all of the other people employed by the NHS, a vast majority of them earning a fraction of the wage this guy is on.

If the NHS wants to start getting the respect and trust of the general public it has to stop pandering to the "fat cats" in the top jobs who are on large salaries and start to put the money into looking after the front line workers who are the ones who will today be facing a barrage of questions and comments from patients and relatives about the atrocious waste of money in the NHS these days!

Enough said!


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