Thursday, 30 September 2010

Dear Jaguar. Do you have a spare C-X75 knocking around?


...It's just that,after some consideration,I have decided to offer you my services as a road test driver for your new super dooper C-X75 Electric/Turbine vehicle.

Ok, so it's a bit of a comedown from my normal ride but hey, I can cope with that at a push.

As I do an 86 per day round trip to work and back I can promise to give the vehicle a good testing (thrashing!) during my commute.

Please respond to this offer ASAP as I am also offering my services to Volkswagen as a test driver for a Scirocco-R, and if they get back to me first I will have to withdraw my offer to your company......harsh, but thats life i'm afraid.

P.S Can I have one in Red as silver car's always look like they need a lick of paint to me!

To read more about this stunning vehicle (the Jaguar, not the Scirocco...although that is too!),click HERE.

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