Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Another 6 year old dies of Leukaemia.Do you need more encouragement ?

Yet more sad news this week was that the brave little lad Charlie Pearson (aged 6) had not won his fight with his illness, and sadly passed away after no donor could be found in time to save him.

"Everyone at The Anthony Nolan Trust is incredibly saddened to hear that Charlie has died and our thoughts are with his family," he said.

"At the trust the urgent need for more bone marrow donors continues.

"We need to save more lives and we will forever be indebted to Charlie and his family for their powerful part in this struggle.

"It is difficult to understand what Charlie and his family went through to make his appeal public."

"All I can do is thank him for the legacy he has left."

"His appeal inspired people to join the bone marrow register and to donate funds to the charity. The work of Charlie and his family brought fresh hope to other leukaemia sufferers."

His parents Pamela, 35 and John, 43, spent months waiting by the phone in the hope that a bone marrow match,which was his only hope of survival, would be found in time.

He already suffered from bone marrow dysplasia when doctors told the Pearson's in September that he had juvenile acute myeloyd leukaemia.

Two visits a day to the Sick Kids hospital became necessary for him, and the parents,along with younger brother Louis,always knew a transplant wouldn't necessarily work given the severity of his condition.

Mr Johnston added: "What he has done is to raise awareness of the fact that there is a way for people to give a precious gift of life and be a bone marrow donor.

"Many now realise how comparatively easy it is to help patients with leukaemia".

"Unfortunately, his struggle is lost, but through him the battle will be won for others."

Charlie's family were too upset to speak when approached by the Evening News.

PEOPLE can help save lives by joining the Anthony Nolan Trust register of bone marrow donors.

Around 70 per cent of leukaemia sufferers need a donation of bone marrow from an unrelated donor. Every year the trust receives more than 16,000 patient search requests from transplant centres around the world.

Anyone aged 18 to 40 and in good health can apply to join the register. The charity regularly holds donor recruitment clinics all around the country. For more information call 020 7284 1234 or visit

Rest in Peace Charlie.We will keep on fighting in your memory.

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