Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Had an appointment with my new consultant today!

Yes, today was my fist "official" consultation with Mr Tim Moorby today.I say "official" as i have already met Tim a few months ago, and spoke to him recently when my blood results decided to go on a world tour for 4 months!. Suffice to say,Tim (or should i call him "Mr"as he is a consultant?) ,Anyway,Tim is indeed a very nice fella who told me more about my condition,possible outcomes and predicted treatments in our first 25 min consultation than I managed to get from my previous consultant(s) in the last 3 years!.

The good news is that the CLL appears to be behaving itself for now, with no major change in my white blood cell counts,no enlargement of my spleen or liver, and my Lymph Nodes are not giving me any bother either. Combined with the results of last years blood tests, it seems that (for now!) it is business as usual....hooraahhh :-)


John Wagner said...

"Business as usual" That IS wonderful news. Congratulations.

I read all of your posts but don't often comment. You are such a wonderful advocate for the bone marrow registration and I applaud you for that. I believe thrugh your efforts lives will be saved. Even one life is more than worth the effort. I guess you will have to take it on faith that it will happen!

Andy said...

Thanks for that John.I could not agree more with you that even one life is worth making the effort for.Thanks for your comment.Take care.Andy