Friday, 5 June 2009

Join for Joel appeal update.

OK.So far so good.There are now well over 100 posters up around the hospital site ant Newark,King's Mill and Mansfield Community Hospitals.The display board promoting the event in "the street" at Kings Mill has been booked for the week commencing the 15th June...just need a board to stick the posters on now!.
I have spoken to a lady named Ruth at RAF Cranwell and she has agreed to spread the word amongst the staff at the base to see if we can get the RAF involved in our event. I have fixed a temporary poster (The Nooky Nauyokas one) to the rear screen of the Scirocco until Lee manages to get the graphics sorted out (hope the house move is going well mate ! :-). Ann,Joel mum, has been getting the word out via our friend at BBC Radio Nottingham today (could not listen to it live as it was during the school run..and the radio was playing silly buggers !).
Rob Sissons from BBC East Midlands today News has promised to get over to the donor session at Newark on the 23rd to do some coverage of that event, and mention the Mansfield Event that will be taking place 2 days later, so that will work out well in letting more people know about it :-).

I am off of work today (don't do Friday's..lucky me!), and so after getting the kids to school, the wife off to her weekly shop with her mum (hello Jan!) i am just sitting down to write this post after popping a bit of washing in the drier and picking up a ton of toys off of the floor..thanks Andy !.

If time allows i will give the Scirocco and trailer a wash (how i hate those bl**dy birds!), then at 2:30 the school pick up will begin and the house will suddenly become a little noisier ! :-).

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