Saturday, 6 June 2009

Big Brother back on the TV. Been there...well sort of !

TBH quite honest i can take or leave this series, but it does occasionally throw up some quite interesting and funny situations, and of course there will always be the expected falling outs with such a broad spectrum of society locked up in such a small area.

Funny thing is that i can relate to such a situation, having joined the RAF in 1983 I almost immediately found myself meeting and greeting a whole new group of people who i was then destined to spend the next 6 weeks with during basic training at RAF Swinderby. Of course there were no camera's to record the fall outs,fights and disagreements that myself and my other "housemates" got involved in, but believe me, the tasks we were set by our Big Brother's (Sgt Humpage and Cpl Jenner) were a lot worse than those asked of the folk on the TV show....especially cleaning the bogs with a toothbrush and painting the grout between the tiles on the floor. Saying that it would have not made what would be classed as good TV viewing ! :-)

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