Thursday, 11 June 2009

Boy!..That was a Looooong day !

Up at 5am and set off for Halifax via Worksop, to pick up my workmate John so that we could pop over to the company that has been selected to supply our brand new electric hospital beds....yeah ha !.
After arriving we spent 15 mins setting up the test equipment (all medical equipment needs to be tested and inventoried before use), then we had a swift cuppa and got down to work.
We have to accept and check 83 beds before the day of the delivery is upon us, and so i spent a lot of time applying test stickers,inventory numbers and sorting out the paperwork.
Lunch time arrived and we found out that on Thursdays the company send a "runner" down to the chippy to fetch folks orders, so not wanting to be left out we decided to "indulge" in Fish and Chips for lunch...and they were fabulous!.
After lunch we carried on with our work then in the late afternoon we set off back "daan saath" towards John's pad in Worksop.
All in all a very productive, though rather tiring day.
Oh...just like to say many thanks to all at Sidhil for providing us with plenty of coffee and the opportunity to sample that lovely food !

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