Monday, 15 June 2009

Need some bits for my new project..can anyone help ?l

Having decided now to convert the trailer into a mobile media information ...thingy !.I am now on the "scrounge" for the items that I need to produce it, namely the following:

LCD Television or monitor above 22" (must work!, and must have VGA input facility)
2 x 12v to 240v Inverters to power the hardware.Must be rated at over 300w each
1 x laptop.This must be working, but would still be useful even if it has a broken screen as i will be routing it through the television mentioned earlier.
A set of good quality speakers. (Dolby 3.1 or 5.1 prefered...but hey...this is a "zero budget project,so owt will do really!)
Someone with knowledge about forming glass fibre or other resins.I need to make some sort of enclosure in the trailer to house the parts of the set up.TBH wood panels would probably be ok, but we will see :-)

I know that I am asking rather a lot, and anything i can't get donated i will just have to buy myself...but you might as well ask ! :-)


By the way, if anyone would like to call or text me with any enquiries or suggestions for the site, please feel free to do so on this number:

07974935611 (Mobile)

Ta !

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