Sunday, 7 June 2009

Well, a great start to the day...and things are getting worse !

Got up at 08:25 this morning at the request of mini me who wanted a game of Ludo (!), then (being an awful loser!) he had a "teddy out of the cot" tantrum and decided that Ludo is not a good game.
Started to pick up stuff off of the floor (toys, school bags....ludo pieces!) and put them in the back room when my wife passed me a plate full of baked beans on toast...yum!...but being a man and therefore not good at multitasking, i was unable to coordinate my movements between holding the plate and putting Lego pieces in Andy's Lego box! Result? Have you ever tried to extract a large amount of hot baked beans from a large tub of Lego? It's not fun, it's rather messy, and damn near impossible to account for every bean that went in....going to be a few beans amongst his Lego for some time to come i would say!. Anyway, after a major cleanup campaign I looked up from the tub of Lego and noticed the small green body of my daughters budgie lying rather still in the corner of it's cage.....oh no!. As expected, poor old Odie was indeed dead, having apparently expired during the night, and having fallen off of his perch had laid undetected for most of the morning.
I had the not very nice job of telling Lol the news, and of course she was very upset and emotional about the loss of her pet and friend Odie.

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