Thursday, 25 June 2009

King's Mill Hospital Event a great success :-)

Hi Folks.
Well I have just got in from the second Anthony Nolan Trust Event at King's Mill Hospital, and may I just first say a great big THANK YOU to all of those wonderful people that made the effort to attend the session.
Now although some folk were not able to join the register due to not being able to meet the criteria, let nothing be taken away from them for the kindness,thoughtfulness and commitment that they showed in coming should still be very proud of yourselves for having the mind to at least try :-).Thanks.
Loads of thanks also to the contingent from the West Nott's College, who arrived by minibus just after 3pm and bolstered our attendance figures.....well done to you all for coming over to KMH at such short notice.

Hang me wants me to cook some burgers for him at the mo...i will complete this post this space :-)

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