Thursday, 18 June 2009

Two Lives Video.Anthony Nolan Trust

This video won an award recently, i think it is fantastic, see what you think..............

This is the information about the video and the award that it received (

Charity honoured by the IVCA

The Anthony Nolan Trust has been honoured by the IVCA (the professional body for the visual and communications industry) for promotional film 'Two Lives', which was made last year.

The film was nominated in four categories:

The film was highly commended in the Best Editing category

The film was awarded a BRONZE in the Public Relations category. The judges said, "This film is extremely moving. The choice of music track coupled with powerful character direction ensures the important messages offer a clear call to action. This is an innovative charity film"

Nick Bye was awarded SILVER in the Best Direction category for the film. The judges said, "Emotive, incredible, enigmatic and very connected. This is a stylised and beautiful film".

Coldplay were awarded GOLD in the Best Music category for the film. The description of the film provided by The Edge Picture Company (who made the film): The film was conceived with this specific track in mind but was impossible to clear, even for charitable purposes. The band was approached and said no. We persevered and sent through a rough cut with a begging letter for them to at least watch it. After stressful days we heard Coldplay would make an exception and said they "were proud to be associated with the film". The judges said, "The producers' commitment to fighting for permission to use the track was entirely vindicated. An absolutely spot on decision to argue for the use of this track. Not only does the track elevate the piece, the visuals are a match. A clear winner".

This is a fantastic result for a film that has been very well received and continues to move and touch audiences wherever it is shown. The Charity is indebted to the determination and skill of the Edge Picture Company, Nick Bye and all associated with the making of this film.

Click here for more information about the IVCA and the 2009 winners.

And here is the high quality version that is now on YouTube:


John Wagner said...

I agree - Fantastic!

Chris Maury said...

Amazing & very moving - the perseverance certainly paid off