Wednesday, 10 June 2009

King's Mill Hospital.What an Excellent place it is !

I've Just been thinking about how much the hospital that I work at has changed over the last 13 years since I started working here in 1996.
As I type this post the work on the 3rd and final tower of the three towers is well underway, and the 2 towers that have already been completed form an imposing addition to the Sutton Skyline.

Having seen my fair share of hospitals around the UK (well we did visit 35 in 24 hours in 2007!), I can honestly say that the Kings Mill Hospital is now one of the finest,best equipped and most up to date that you could find anywhere in the East fact the UK!

Let us not forget though that without the fantastic staff that keep this service going, from the humble but essential cleaning folk, to the top consultants and the chief exec (your majesty!), this would be little more than an very large warehouse.....with lots of windows and beds.

Keep up the excellent work King's Mill, you are a great hospital,full of great people.

........OK,that should get me a few smartie points...assuming anyone reads this blog that is :-)

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