Monday, 8 June 2009

Another day, another bright idea !

So today, whilst going about my daily task of keeping the Hospital medical equipment in working order...and fixing anything that the staff break!, I got to thinking about what I could use the Trailer for now that it is no longer needed for our challenge. And I am glad to say that after a little consideration, i have come to a all i have to to is figure out how i am going to implement and fund it !.

What is my bright idea? Well it is simple. I am going to install a screen (LCD sort of job) into the trailer, along with a good set of speakers, then hook up a small computer/laptop to the screen, and hey presto i have converted the trailer into a mobile information point for the Ant Nolan Trust :-).

I have come to the conclusion that the best way to get people to join the ANT is to try and dispel all, or at least some of, the many myths and misconceptions that people have as to what becoming a bone marrow donor involves, and by way of showing short video's/testimonials, i hope to break the apparent mis information that seems to be so commonly held by a lot of folk.

Of course the idea seems easy, but the reality is that in order to power such a set up i will need to install some efficient means of energy,probably consisting of a bank of car batteries ,inverter(s), wiring looms and cabling....easy !.

How will I fund this "next great idea" ?....I am still working on that part of the plan, but if anyone has any great idea's...i am all ears :-)

P.S I have written to Captain Cash at the SUN Newspaper to ask for some financial assistance....but so far no reply...we will see :-)

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