Saturday, 13 June 2009

Can my readers help me with this idea?

Can you assist me to help others by sending this email to any of your friends and family who may be able to help :-)

Please copy and paste the following message......


Hi folks.

My names Andy, i am a real person not a spammer, and i have a mission to get more people to sign up to the Anthony Nolan Trust Bone Marrow Donors Register.

Recently I have been receiving far too many crazy,pointless emails that tell me that i can win money,save my family from awful happenings or other wild and wacky promises just by sending the email to my friends and colleagues.The truth is of course that these ridiculous letters are no more use to anyone than a chocolate fireguard!.

So forget all of these pointless, sometimes vindictive and stupid chain letters, and instead, send this message to anyone you think may want to try and save a life.

P.S If you don't send this to others that's fine. You will not die of a nasty disease, your family will not suffer and plague and petulance will not rain down on you because of your decision,it's entirely up to you.

The Internet and email are powerful tools, so lets use them to do some good in the world and take back the power it holds for doing constructive work instead of clogging up in boxes around the world with so much totally useless junk mail!

Please visit this web page for details:

If you don't trust this link, just google it first (Scirocco 2 Morocco) to confirm its status

Best wishes

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