Friday, 26 June 2009

Michael Jackson. The next celeb to incur the "Elvis Effect" ?

What is the Elvis Effect ? Well I suppose it could be described as the phenomenon that is witnessed after the death of a "major" celebrity, when the public seems to melt down and descend into a state of mass hysteria about the loss of one soul on the face of this planet, someone that they often haven't given a second thought too in years....then they are gone and all of a sudden (and often for no sane reason) they feel as if the loss is personal to themselves in a way that may not even be matched by the loss of a close family member.
The true "proof" that the Elvis effect is in operation is when the mourning continues for an extended period....sometimes months,sometimes years, but in true and emotive cases the effect can last for decades.
As i said in my last post, the loss of MJ is a very sad and poignant time for many, but the press are (as usual!) up to their normal "force feeding" regime of continually feeding the public an unrelenting stream of video, tributes,news clips etc which, in the first instance, is wholly acceptable and would be expected of due to MJ's image as the "King of Pop", but after a while it starts to get a little Chinese water torture.
On Facebook it took less than 10 hours to set up a special group (MJ 1958-2009 RIP) and within the first 15 hours it had signed up over 10'000 people into it.
Other celebs wasted no time in getting on to Twitter to express their "public" condolences although it seems like some perhaps had no real contact with the Jackson family before his death...but hey, who is to know that?.....gaining public respect by tenuous association maybe ?

Farrah Fawcett (Charlies angels) sadly died of cancer also on the 25th, but she led a much more quiet and private many video clips have you seen of her today?

(Here is a link to the story of her sad loss) Farrah Fawcett

Watch out for "The Elvis Effect",but this time in the much more svelte shape of MJ....coming to a record store or tribute act near you....soon .

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Chris Maury said...

Totally agree - I was aware of Farrah Fawcett's condition as I had read a "nice" piece of news about her and Ryan O'Neal finally getting married, then her tragic demise followed soon after and was eclipsed by the MJ story.
Same thing happened with Mother Theresa, Princess Diana died same day and overtook events although in fairness I suppose it being a UK thing first and foremost factored heavily into the equation.