Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Display board now up in the KTC

Yesterday I (strangely!) remembered that I had arranged to place a display board for the Anthony Nolan Event in the KTC "Street" (main open area). I managed to secure the use of a couple of boards and a table, then went about putting up posters,leaflets and other bits of promo stuff that Nigel from the ANT had sent over to me last week.

One thing that I did notice is that the public (And probably the staff!) have a veracious appetite for free pens!, and having replenished the table twice so far with them, i have now run out!, oh well, at least they may have had time to see the info that was on display whilst blagging a Biro !.

I had a quick walk around the clinics this afternoon distributing ANT leaflets onto countless coffee tables and receptions.Sometimes I do wonder if people even bother to look at the stuff that I distribute, and more importantly...do they consider to answer the appeal to become a bone marrow donor ?

Nigel also sent me a DVD disk with a very good 5 min public information film on it called " 2 lives!, i will see about getting it posted onto this blog once I get a few Min's.

So far I have had no offers of help with my latest project (see previous post).But hey, I suppose that these things take time !.

Oh yes...i never did get a reply from the Daily Mirror Newspaper....guess that giving me some space in the paper with a view to saving peoples lives just isn't a good story...oh well :-)

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