Friday, 9 October 2009

And now for some good news from the BBC :-)

Having had a very long chat this morning with a very helpful lady from the BBC studio's at Nottigham it seems that against all of the odds I will soon be able to have a look at a programme from the BBC archive called "The light of Experience" in which Shirley Nolan explains her life looking after Anthony and her commitment to keeping her son alive whatever it takes.

The show was screened in 1977 and was shown on BBC2 .It was titled " A Right to Live".
The video is being sent up from London over the weekend, so fingers crossed I will get to see it early next week. Unfortunately,due to copyright, i will not be able to publish it on this blog.....well that is unless the BBC can see the benefit of allowing it's contents into the public domain to illustrate what an amazing woman Shirley Nolan was. We will see ! :-)

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