Friday, 23 October 2009

Another Friday, another sad discovery................

I was feeling rather optimistic this morning after yet another call to my friends over at the BBC to enquire as to if it would be possible for me to post the Shirley Nolan "Light of Experience" DVD onto my blog. Of course i will have to go through the official channels, but it seems likely that as i am not wanting to publish it for personal gain, and as it is over 30 years old, there should be no major problems with my request.I will keep you informed as to my progress on that issue.

Sadly, whilst "surfing" the net a few minutes ago, I came across yet another possible lead that unfortunately seems now to be an opportunity lost :-(.
It was my discovery of the obituary of Dr David James to which i refer, and it appears that this guy, the co-founder of the Anthony Nolan Trust, passed away quite recently in August 2009.
It struck me that Dr James was not really given the recognition that he deserves in his support and help to Shirley when she had the very first thoughts of setting up a bone marrow donor register, yet in her book (which she jointly dedicated to David and her mother Rhona) she says this "It was our first encounter and I was not immediately aware of his brilliance,vision and determination".
"Somehow i was listening, digesting all that this kind Welshman was saying, and on the surface it appeared to mean that nothing more could be done.But I sensed Dr James did not feel this way......he wanted to continue this work".

As it says in the book "Dedicated to Dr David James of the Westminster Hospital, London, for his vision,courage and personal achievement and to my Mother, Rhoda Oakey, for her constant love and devotion to Anthony".

R.I.P David, your contribution to this amazing,life saving trust is acknowledged and your family should be so proud of your involvement in it's birth.

So now I find that yet another avenue of investigation is no longer possible, so i guess that i must get my thinking cap on again and look for more connections that will one day lead me to my goal.

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