Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Still waiting for new leads from Kent !

So the Thanet Extra Newspaper was published on the 16th, some 5 days ago, and so far I have received erm....zero (0) emails or communications from anyone who knew either of Shirley or indeed her story.
To say i am disappointed would be true, of course I do realise that these things take time to filter out of the paper and to get to someone who may be "in the know" about this subject...but as the days go by I find myself wondering if anyone does indeed still remember Shirley Nolan.

I am still waiting also for a reply from Oz in relation to my enquiry with the newspaper in Adelaide last week, and I have not heard from Ken, the fella who was involved in covering the story in the 70's but now works for the SUN newspaper.

Maybe things will pick up again soon and I will get one of my lucky breaks...i really hope so.

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