Saturday, 24 October 2009

An appology now for the last post............

Not sure what my problem was yesterday, but I was feeling very angry at everyone and everything all day long. I guess that aspects of my life (not just my illness) are starting to get to me at the present time, and some days I feel overwhelmed with it all.
My main worry at present is my sons possible diagnosis with ADHD, a condition (or illness) which makes him something of a handful at the best of times, and believe me, on the days when my energy is very low it can drive me insane !.
ADHD is a condition that effects a lot of kids, and the primary symptom is that they just cant sit down and behave, which is difficult for the average Non ADHD 6 year old child, but its a whole new dimension with one that is an ADHD sufferer.
So, my apologies for my rant the other day, but as I have explained, sometimes it all just gets too much...and then something has to blow ! :-)

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