Saturday, 3 October 2009

Forget Me Not Trot idea!......Anyone got a horse we can loan !

Hi people. Well it appears that the fundraising bug has now taken a hold of another member of the Ward Household, this time though the idea came from my daughter Lauren who is what you would class as "Horse Crazy"!.

She is planning something for 2010 (the 50th anniversary of the LRF), but because it is Lauren it does not involve Scirocco's (damn!), instead she wants to organise a meeting of people at a venue (yet to be decided) and for the participants to then take part in a "Forget Me Not Trot"!.

I think the title is fantastic, but as I have already warned her, these things take a lot of planning and organisation, something that, if it goes ahead, she will quickly learn :-).

So, if anyone has any suggestions as to what sort of format this should take, the area/site of the event, and how the sponsorship should be raised....please let us know!.

Oh, as she is currently "horseless", she could do with the loan of one if anyone happens to have a spare knocking....or should that be "trotting" around :-)

Take care.Andy

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