Friday, 23 October 2009

Bloody Internet.Why can't it be used to do good ?

*Warning.Very annoyed bloggers blog post alert....*

Today I have an overpowering urge to scream out loud at the bloody tragedy that is the Internet. Why? Well for a start we have spam...bloody spam....what the hell is that all about ? Why do tens of thousands of people around this world insist on sending trash to millions of people every day, clogging up the web and annoying the crap out of everyone who doesn't want to buy either viagra or some other bloody rubbish they are peddling. Since I have put my scirocco2morocco email on this blog i have been bombarded with hundreds of bloody useless emails offering me countless of pointless and worthless items ...including a cure for they have no soul ?
Viruses......what the hell is all that about? People actually spend their poxy bloody lives causing other people misery...because they really think that it is a constructive pastime and that they are soooo bloody cool...well you ain't and everyone hates what you do ,especially me!. Death is far too light a sentence for these wastes of skin in my humble opinion.
Now (whilst i am on a roll) lets talk about Google or more precisely, Google's YouTube service. Why do they insist on promoting pointless,unfunny, worthless drivel constantly, not a serious,useful and constructive video in sight. Why is this an issue? Well lets just say that today's offering of some bloke who obviously thought he was some sort of Russel Brand clone (and even LESS funny if that's at all possible!) telling us about climate change in the most tedious,pseudo comedy way that is imaginable.......bloody boring knob head...but he had got over 8000 hits on his verbal diarrhea video......imagine if the video was to try and help recruit bone marrow donors!........yet apparently that is not a very "funny" subject.....what a surprise, and i thought it was hilarious........

The Internet would be a fantastic and incredibly useful tool for human kind...if it was not such a bloody mess.

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