Thursday, 1 October 2009

Ramblings from early this morning :-).....well it was just after 2am!

Its 2.24 in the morning, and yet again i find myself inexplicably woken with my head full of thoughts and idea's pertaining to my search for the copyright owner of Shirley's book.So here i sit/lie with my laptop in bed adding another blog entry!.
As i have mentioned before, i am currently reading the story again, the second time i have done so, and yet again i feel compelled to carry on my search to identify this elusive goal to try to establish copyright ownership so that the book "A Kiss Through Glass" can be once more shared with the world.
What or who drives me on is any ones guess.Why, out of all of the people on this planet do i seem (on the face of it) to be the only individual who feels that it is morally wrong to consign this powerful,heartbreaking but ultimately inspiring story to the grey mists of time and the vault of obscurity and faded half remembered folklore. This is story to which possibly thousands, maybe in the greater picture, tens of thousands (including subsequent offspring),may owe their very lives too, and indeed the continued work of the Anthony Nolan Trust, which is still a thriving charity, pays testament to the labours of Shirley Nolan in her fight 30 years ago to save her beloved son Anthony.
The last few days have seen me sending off numerous emails to Australia as I try to widen the scope of my search, only yesterday I emailed the Adelaide Advertiser, a publication that ran several stories about the plight of Anthony during the early seventies. Even without receiving a reply I start to get that awful feeling that maybe too much water has passed under the metaphorical bridge of time for their to be anyone left at the publication who A) remembers the events of 1974-1979 and B) Would be interested in assisting my search. But maybe I am getting a little paranoid perhaps? Maybe tomorrow will bring something, anything tangible that could refresh my efforts, or perhaps, dare i dream, could even lead me to my ultimate goal.
It has just occurred to me that their is the slightest possibility that even when I (if I!) achieve my aim and find the copyright holder (that term is now starting to remind me of the "gatekeeper" in Ghost busters!), what happens if they decline my request to grant permission to republish the book? Why would they? What then? The truth is that I don't really know.I can't think why that situation would arise, but saying that, sometimes people or indeed organisations don't comply and do "the right thing".For whatever reasons are given, i must be ready (although it will be an awful blow) to be disappointed.
I have decided to start a group on Facebook called "Make A Kiss Through Glass into a film". The problem is of course that the vast majority of Facebook users are probably under 40, which means quite simply that due to the rarity of the book they are likely to be too young to have heard the story via the press as it was reported in 1974-1979...catch 22 as they say!, so I will have to refer members to my webpage and hope that my insane ramblings are enough to fire their imagination and gain their support.
Well, it's now 3.03 in the morning and the battery on the laptop is showing only 15 mins of life left (the laptop, not me!...hopefully!), so i will now end this post save it (if i don't get that right you won't be reading this anyway!), and then attempt to get 3 more hours of sleep before getting up, having a coffee and then returning for another fun filled day at the hospital :-). Bye for now.

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