Sunday, 25 October 2009

I need to get organised ! is a list of people mentioned in the book or involved with the story in some way, and their current status :

Shirley Nolan. Desceased (2002)
Dr David James. Desceased (2009)
Anthony Nolan. Desceased (1979)
Rhoda Oakey.No info at present
Jim Oakey (Brother).No Info
Ted Nolan. No Info at present
Kamahl and wife Sohodra(Singer, Australia).Contacted via MySpace.Awaiting Reply(25th Oct 2009)
Paul Sutherland (mentioned as Graham Sutherland in book). Contacted Oct 2009.
Ken Nickoll.Now works for the Sun Newspaper.No response to my email so far
Jon Snow (Journalist).Attempted Contact via Facebook (25th Oct 2009)
Simon Welfare (Journalist). Contacted via Facebook but unsure if correct person! (25th Oct '09)
Alan Hargreaves.No info
Barry Westwood.(Southern Television)No Info
Frankie McGowan(journalist).No info
Charles Langley.No Info
George Hawkes(biochemist,round table).No Info
Alan Smith (biochemist,round table).No Info
Marrion Matthews(journalist).No info
Neville and Shula Nisse(journalist and wife,organised events to raise money).Both sadly now passed away,Shula in January 2010.
Tony (Shirley's Brother).No Info
Linda (Shirley's cousin).No Info

More will be added as they occur.....


victim said...

Shula Nisse died in Alcalali, Spain, at the beginning of January 2010. Her husband, Neville had pre-deceased her by about 5 years. I will get the date on Friday when I officiate at Shula's Thanksgiving Service. Clive Read (in Spain)

Andy said...

Truly sad to hear this news my friend.Did you know Shula well ? My sincere condolences to the family of this wonderful couple who played a great part in helping Shirley with her dream.Andy

Anonymous said...

Sadly to say Shula Nisse (my Mum) died on Sunday January 3rd. Mum and Dad were very proud of the charity work they were able to do on behalf of Anthony Nolan. Andy thank you for your very kind words.


Andy said...

I have now updated my post to reflect the passing of Neville and Shula.Thank you so much for letting me know.Take care.Andy