Friday, 2 October 2009

The search now moves to Manston and Thanet in Kent......

I have just finished talking to a great fella named Martin who works "Daan Saaath" in Kent at the Kent Messenger Newspaper (actually he covers the Thanet region, so that is technically probably not correct!). Anyway, after quite a long conversation, or rather a long space of time in which i rabbited on and Martin listened (anyone who has tried to speak with me will tell you that i tend to speak "at" them!'s my biggest failing...sorry!) I explained to him about my mission to find the current holder of the copyright for Shirley's book, but also asked if he could ask, through the newspaper, if any of the local people of the Thanet area hold any memories of the story about which my search revolves.
Martin offered to run a story in the paper sometime in the next few weeks, and he is happy to include my email address for the purpose of allowing folk to contact me with any info they may have.
I can't start to tell you how important this could be in assisting my search, and would like to just pass on to Martin and his newspaper my heartfelt thanks for offering to assist me in such a fantastic way :-).
By the way, the picture at the top of the page in of the Jolly Farmer Public House which is refered to in the book when Shirley popped over to it during Anthony's second Chistmas at home....the one she feared would be his last. She bought a small bottle of sherry for heself and her mother to share on Christmas eve whilst watching over Anthony and pondering their uncertain future.

I have always said that i am a great believer in the ripples on a pond/chaos (butterfly flaps wings...etc) theory, and that i do so believe that by making these connections, these enquiries, I am certain that some day, maybe not too far away, questions will be answered, grey area's will be filled with light, and Shirley Nolan's name will once again be one that people will recognise.

It would be nice to know that by the time we reach the 21st October 2009, more people would be aware that on that day 30 years ago, a little boy named Anthony Nolan died, but it would also be good to just remind them that the legacy that his devoted mother Shirley established in an attempt to save her own precious child is still going strong today, and that the Anthony Nolan Trust is helping ordinary people to give the gift of life to thousands of other's who might otherwise die.

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