Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Today I found Anthony's last resting place.....

After a rather fruitless search last week which involved phoning the parish of St Stephens in London in an attempt to confirm if Anthony Nolan was laid to rest there (he wasn't), i eventually found via the internet (what else!) a site called "find a"...(!), and there within it's cyber walls I found the info i was seeking, the place that Anthony Nolan was laid to rest.
Not only was the info quite good, but it also had a very emotive picture of Shirley and Anthony blowing bubbles together (see picture above), and a couple of shots of the church itself.
I left a message on the message board, and to accompany it I laid a "virtual" flower......and of course it was a simple daisy :-)

This is the link to the webpage. Click HERE to go to it.

Just waiting for the DVD i requested from the BBC to arrive now....should be here soon !

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