Thursday, 15 October 2009

The DVD from the BBC arrived today.I now have the correct voice for the book !

Isn't it a strange thing how when you read a book you sort of devise a voice for the characters, you know, you can hear in your head what you THINK a person would sound like.....and in this case I can admit that the voice in my head that I had decided was Shirley Nolan's was...completely wrong !:-).
Why? Well having read that she was born and bred in Leeds, I had given her a classic "Yer alright" type of Leeds Dialect, but having watched (and heard) Shirley on the Light of Experience DVD that the BBC sent me this week I cannot tell you how wrong my assumption was.
The well spoken lady in the film was as far removed from my "minds eye" version of her as you could possibly be, and the impeccable diction and eloquent delivery of her story was very enlightening and emotive to watch.
I can't share this 13 minute video with you yet as I don't have permission from the BBC to allow it to be viewed by the public, but if/when I do, I will post it on this site and you too can get an idea of what an amazing mum Shirley Nolan was to her son Anthony.

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