Monday, 19 October 2009

Bankers still giving themselves huge bonuses, MP's failing the as usual then !

Reading the Daily Mirror today it was comforting to see that not much changes as we weather the storm of the credit crunch here in the UK.
Apparently RBS Bank high flyer's are in line to get up to 5 million quid each in bonuses in the next few months due to lame asses in government and the banking industry still leaving bloody great loopholes in the law.
RBS are 70% owned by the taxpayer now, yet whilst they are having to tighten their proverbial belts and weather the storm of the crunch, the selfish,greedy scumbags in RBS think that they are entitled to a fat cat bonus.........and apparently this is all beyond the control of the UK Labour government who have handed out squillions of quid over the last year to keep these blood suckers in a job whilst thousands of their "normal" employee's find themselves out of work and fighting for survival.
How do they sleep at night knowing that their annual take home pay alone would seem like a lottery win to most folk, yet they are happy to accept absurd amounts of cash as a bonus "because i am entitled to it". Here is an idea...why don't you all do the descent, honourable thing and turn down the bonuses, then divert those millions back into your business and pay back some of the money you have gladly taken from the average people of this country, the people who are, as we speak, perhaps looking at a very bleak and miserable Christmas for themselves and their families.
Who am I if this is ever going to happen. "Let them eat Christmas cake" did I hear the RBS fat cats say?

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