Sunday, 4 October 2009

Who says that every cloud doesn't have a silver lining ?

.....Because the other week I finally received my NHS prescription exemption certificate (or perhaps swipe card would be more accurate!) which means that from now on I won't have to pay for any prescriptions that I have given to me by my GP.

Of course the only downside to this is that the scheme was actually introduced in September last year, and it has taken 12 months for me to finally receive my confirmation of eligibility, so I have been paying for medication for a year that in I should not really have had to.
Oh well, at least I will save a few quid as/when things start to get interesting in the future.

I strongly advise anyone living with cancer, not matter what stage you are at, to fill in the form, get your GP to counter sign it and then claim what is rightly yours to do so.

Who says that clouds don't have silver linings ? :-)

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