Sunday, 4 October 2009

A passage from "A Kiss Through Glass" by Shirley Nolan.

"I rememebr my joy when once I had a son.I had so many dreams of our future together.I wanted so much for him;to guide him,with love,through his illness to healthy manhood.Those dreams were shattered when Anthony died on the evening of Sunday 21 October 1979 aged just seven years.Those were seven years of happiness and heartache during which we battled together for his health and freedom;seven years during which our special love-bond grew with the realisation of my privilege to be the mother of such a brave and beautiful son.A gentle, sensitive boy, Anthony enjoyed music ,poetry and painting.He loved to pick flowers and delighted in their variety and perfume,shape and colour.His favourite flower was the simple daisy. Did he realise , i wonder,how swiftly the daisy blooms and dies? To me it is sad analogy of his own short life."

Shirley Nolan 28th October 1979

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